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Live Music!

 RecordSmith has hosted hundreds of Live events, many of them featuring area musicians and some much further away.

Below is a list of upcoming events along with bios of some of our notable guest performers.

Live Music Schedule


Houses in the Sky

Four-piece Alt Rock band, led by Sierra Englehart, returns with brand new music to add to their current playlists. Also on the roster: local punk musician Kylie Beee and alternative rapper Sourface 

March 24, 7-9 pm

Tommy B

To paraphrase a fan, "He’s very entertaining and connects with the crowd...very easy to talk to."  Tommy B. brings many genres to life in a unique and earnest style. 

April 28, 7-9 pm

Colby Dove

The Man, The Musician, "The 12-String Wonder of the World" has appeared at our store more than anyone else (except Dan or Paul but we're not musicians). Colby adds another one to this list and you're invited!

June 2, 7-9 pm 

We'll be hosting other music events as circumstances allow.

If you'd like to participate, please contact Paul Smith:


Many thanks to the great musicians who have graced our stage. Here's some of the more recent visitors...



From Sinatra to Slipknot...

With over 35 years of musical experience and a variety of influences, Colby takes you on a nostalgic musical journey with each energetic 12-string acoustic rock performance.

"I've seen Colby perform numerous times in the area--including at RecordSmith--and his shows are always engaging. From dynamic covers to passionate originals, Colby delivers an interactive experience" - Paul Smith, Music Lover and Owner of RecordSmith in Mechanicsburg, PA.

From bars & breweries, wineries & coffeeshops, private parties & nursing homes, this 12-String Wonder has a song for everyone.


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