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Edgewood is the brain child of Jonny "Hammersticks" Hall. A band that represents the daily struggles of the common man. The experience of finding a positive out...look in a world with dark edges. We write about what we know.

After some minor member adjustments, Edgewood has molded into the band we are today. Four dudes who love nothing more than to have a hell of a good time playing punk rock. We grew up on punk rock and want to continue the spirit of the scene by doing what must be done. Writing and playing fun punk rock jams.


Band Members:
Jon - Guitar & Vox,
Greg - Bass,
Korey - Drums & Vox
Office Drones Songlist:
1 Office Drones 0:51
2 Drill, Baby, Drill 2:13
3 One Life 2:41
4 Fighting 1:59
5 Rad to Me 2:10
6 Bad Day 1:55
7 Miles Apart 3:02
8 Pushing Reset 1:32
9 OCD 2:45
10 Chapters 2:27
11 Enough 3:06
12 Finally There 2:43
13 Outro

Edgewood - Office Drones (vinyl lp)

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