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CHURCH OF LOVE is their newest collection of spiritual pop songs that address their personal experiences, how their faith addressed them, and how we all can cope with today's troubled times.

Song List:

  1. Church of Love
  2. Christ is Risen, Allelula!
  3. God didn't Come for the Perfect
  4. Say a Prayer
  5. New Year Without Fear
  6. White Lies, White Sins
  7. I Am Like God
  8. I Will Never Die


WICKED CLONE or HOW TO DEAL WITH THE EVIL, based on the novel of the same name by Mihaela Modorcea, is an immersive blend of musical theatre, epic film projections, symphonic-gyspy songs and an original score written, arranged and performed by the multi-talented Indiggo Twins, Gabriela and Mihaela Modorcea. Depicting 15th century Transylvania to modern day NYC (and beyond), Wicked Clone is a magic realist story about a vampire bitten by a human being which turns the tables on tradition.


"A rare piece of audio and video creativity" (City Guide NY,) the musical introduces the audience to the native land of Indiggo Twins - "a realm reminiscent of Dante Alligheri's Divine Comedy," according to Mihaela, which further takes us "through the tunnels of Lucifer, the head of God, and down to the dreamland New York City." The original cast recording features 25 songs written, arranged, produced and performed by Indiggo Twins.



Opening Songs:
1. Hello
2. Up and Down
3. Eureka
4. Nails Up

The Show:
5. La La La
6. Bite Back
7. Half Man, Half Vamp
8. A Kiss to Live
9. Ride With Me
10. Honey, Money
11. White Lies, White Sins
12. Wicked Clone
13. Little Lying Mirror
14. Pull the Curtains to the Side
15. Take Off Your Mask
16. Younger Than Yesterday
17. Queen of Tango
18. Love Flu
19. I'm Afraid of Who I Am
20. Tell Me Less & Love Me More
21. Different
22. Ooh La La / Fairies Call
23. I Am Like God

Closing Songs:
24. Dracula's Land
25. Immortal

This Set is $15.00


COVER ME is a cd single that addresses feelings of those who are lost and lonely and provides inspiration. 

This Set is $3.00


BE MY BOYFRIEND / I'M COMING...a two-song cd featuring material dating back to 2006 when the duo were touring Europe and representing Romania in the Euro-Vision competition. These are out-of-print but available here in limited supply.

This Set is $5.00


Indiggo Twins, Mihaela & Gabriela Modorcea are Romanian-born American professional actresses, singers, writers/songwriters, composers, music producers, dancers, choreographers, fashion designers and painters based in New York City. Their roots are in Transylvania, Romania. Both twins majored in acting, having graduated with honors from the National University of Theatre and Cinematographic Arts of Bucharest; they played the leads in the award winning musical "The Two Orphans," "The Twin Towers," "The Future is in Eggs" and in several other awarded theatre plays. Indiggo Twins created the multi-project "Wicked Clone" which consists of the novel, the musical play, the film, the music album, the poetry book, and the fashion line. "Wicked Clone The Cinema Musical" has been staged and produced at the Lynn Redgrave Theatre, Ensemble Studio Theatre, Elektra Theatre, St. Luke's Theatre, Davenport Theatre and most recently at John Cullum Theatre of The American Theatre of Actors, finding the most enthusiastic audience. The twins were featured and credited as writers and performers on the multi-platinum and 4-time Grammy award-winning album "Watch The Throne" by Jay-Z and Kanye West, specifically on "Murder To Excellence" reviewed as "the centerpiece of the album." Europe-wide the twins' music was released under Sony BMG and featured in 20 countries; In the US Indiggo twins have worked with top music producers Swizz Beatz, Peter Zizzo, Rockwilder, Paul Oakenfold. Gabriela plays the piano while Mihaela plays the guitar, they speak four languages and can sing in seven. Mihaela is the fashion designer of the duo whereas Gabriela is the music producer. The twins have written and arranged together over 300 songs.



Indiggo Twins

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