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Mohawk Finishing has developed a series of instructional DVDs to share our expertise in furniture touch up and repair techniques. From fixing gouges and nicks in an antique piece of furniture to finding the right wood repair and finishing products for your unique business, our DVDs touch on a variety of touch up topics.

You'll learn tips for wood and leather touch up projects, techniques for restoring and finishing fine furniture, and insights on better business practices. Although we talk a lot about wood touch up and repair work, this information is just as useful for those in the cabinet and flooring industries. If your business provides wood, leather or vinyl repair and finishing services, regardless of the industry, Mohawk's DVDs can help you meet your clients' needs.

From traditional wood finishing techniques to Mohawk's wood repair and finishing products, our how-to videos will provide you with everything your business needs to know.


Wood Touch-up & Repair is now also available in Spanish or Chinese!


Also Available: Wood Touch-up & Repair, Leather Touch-up & Repair, and Pofessional Refinishing (3 CD combo set) Save 20%

M900-0123 Touch-Up, Repair, Finishing (DVDs)

$9.98 Regular Price
$7.98Sale Price
  • Wood Touch Up and Repair - Designed to teach you the most up-to-date wood and furniture touch up and repair techniques offered in the damage analysis, filling of damages, replacing color, grain replacement, spot finish application, sheen adjustment, scratches, gouges and nicks removal, finish care and much more.

    Leather Touch Up, Repair, Finishing and Maintenance - Designed to show you step by step furniture touch up and repair techniques for many types of damage and restoring furniture to "good as new" condition. This interactive DVD will provide you with instructions on: filling damage, producing duplicate grain patterns, color matching and application, upholstery repair, spot cleaning and much more.

    Professional Wood Finishing - Designed to show you how to produce today's most popular finishes with our new Professional Finishing System™ products. By following the steps shown in this interactive DVD, you will be able to confidently recreate the finishes using an assortment of Mohawk's different wood repair and finishing products.
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